You can feel the emotion through every candid photo"

"Beautiful, detail-oriented...

Since 2010, Joel thomas + co have had one goal:

capturing unforgettable memories while making the process as fun as the celebration itself. We believe that if you don't enjoy taking the photos, you won't love the photos...
no matter how stunning they may be. 

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We were so, so lucky to have Joel as our wedding photographer. He is an incredible person who has a talent to make you and your family feel welcomed, excited, and at ease to have him capture every moment from your big day. Joel is incredibly professional and will work very closely with you to make sure he is able to capture every moment from your day. Joel caught so many special moments not just between us but between friends and family who just only connected with each other for the first time at the wedding. We felt like we were friends with Joel by the end of our wedding day, and wish we had another event coming up soon that we could work with him at. If you are reading this review, just take this as your sign to book - you will be blown away! Thank you joel, we will be recommending you as a photographer for the rest of our lives.

sign to book"

"just take this as your

Meg + Ryan

From our first interaction, I could tell Joel T. and team was the right choice. Prompt, professional, courteous, and thorough, Joel put my bride-to-be and myself at ease during our stressful pre-wedding planning phase. Complicating matters was that my wife is not a fan of having her picture taken, so I knew I needed a special photographer that could just help her to forget focusing on that, and just relax and enjoy our wedding day. Joel delivered that in spades. It has been over a year since our wedding, and we still look through our gallery and smile at the many various memories from that day. You can not go wrong with Joel.

with joel"

"you cannot go wrong

Ashley + Scott

Working with Joel (and his wife) was a dream! They were so much more than the photographers - they were organizers, cheerleaders, pep-talkers, crowd-wranglers, and, in some ways, shadows on the wall (during private moments like first looks, the ceremony, getting ready, etc.). Joel helped us feel completely comfortable and prepared during our engagement shoot (which we LOVED!!), and it was so natural to be with him again on our wedding day! Not to mention, his photos are AMAZING and our whole home is about to be plastered with them. Time and time again, we would choose Joel Thomas Photography. During our honeymoon, we kept saying, "We are SO glad we invested in great photos! We can't wait to see them because the whole day was such a blur!" You won't regret hiring him!!

 joel thomas"

"time & time again, we would choose 

David + Molly

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